My Birthday in Beijing

My birthday in Beijing was pretty uneventful because most of the people i know were all out of town for Chinese New Year.

This is leo, he is a funny guy. micheal jackson is his favorite so he has a lot of micheal jackson moves on the dancefloor. he is a big strong guy. he is a security guard at the brittish embassy. he used to do freelance bodyguard work. he guarded Jackie Chan and Micheal Phelps before.

check out the girl on the right. she looks like a human anus with legs. smokin!

much to my delight i discovered this snack stand built into the back of my subway exit

this big department store type place near hou hai

these are sweet potatoes chips. they are amazing and it is hard to not eat the whole bag when you buy them. they are about a dollar for a huge bag.

i discovered the other day one of the reasons my room has been so cold all winter, because there has been air blowing into my room directly via the huge hole in my wall! the air conditioner tubing that goes out of my room is not sealed so you can stand by the door way and look through the hole and see the outside world. what the helkhafdlkjhslkaskl!!!!!

I was kind of freaked out after coming back