My Birthday in Beijing the second time

A lot of you might know that my birthday gets celebrated a couple times usually so it was the same in Beijing. Everyone was gone for chinese new year for my real birthday so Me and Angel had a double birthday party 2 weeks later. It was really her birthday this day and was mine 2 weeks before.

went to this pizza place for dinner that serves pretty big pizzas. I'm going to the fridge to eat the leftovers now....oh wait i don't have a fridge because it's still broken! I mean i'm going to the window to eat the left overs.

go-ri-lla like pizza

russian champagne drinking on the street.

the bars

these guys were so funny. they were at the bar shouting out random mcdonalds stuff like the chinese words for cola, fries, and hamburger. they were playing some kind of mcdonalds drinking game that looked like a song and dance affair. the big guy was really funny.

you do a rock paper scissors thing that is sewn into the beggining of the game then at the same time present either cola, fries, or hamburger and if you two throw the same food then whoever lost the rock, paper, scissors thing at the beggining has to drink. CHECK OUT THE VIDEO BELOW!

Bi xi, only a little different style than the one at the forbidden city, this is at Beihai park

the mandarin oriental hotel that got destroyed by the fireworks last week.

if you ever see this pirate ship game at the arcade do not play it. it is the worst game ever. it is 2009 and this is a new game that sucks so bad it could only be found in china.
i saw out my window that my roomate put out her big koinoburi on a stick.