February About Town

My roomate's boyfriend Zizzo is in the hospital for a week to have surgery on his arm, something about taking a metal plate out of his arm. Hopefully the first and last time i have to be in a Chinese hospital. If American hospitals are dangerous I can imagine that Chinese hospitals will be 100x more dangerous.

Zizzo said that at night some patients have to sleep in the hallway on these beds because there isn't enough room in the rooms. He said this is the best hospital in Beijing. its a 15 min walk from my house.

A guy putting a light up letter "A" in his trunk. it was from a construction site

This is next to the building that Angel and Lily work at Ogilvy and City Weekend.

look at those little rascals down there. did you notice that?

they must have had to do a lot of work to get enough snow to make this guy. He is also probably filled with AIDS, Herpes, Yellow Fever, Malaria, urine and watever else you can scrape up off of the streets

a new edition to my family!


Tipsy said...

it is NOT the best hospital in beijng ever!!!!! stupid

That hospital is specializing in curing problem from bones...

Too sad