Korea - Day 6 and 7 - Ahn Myun Do

So I went somewhere else in Korea for the first time. We went on a road trip with yoon's cousin's to Ahn Myun Do. It's by the ocean and we rented a house. they call them "Pensions" for some reason. Yoon rented a 12 seater van too that was too big for the class of his licence but the guy let him rent it anyway. There was a total of 8 of us.

it took a long time and getting lost to get there so it was night time already. Yoon's Cousin used to be a sushi chef so he got right to work making a super delicious spread of sushi and sashimi and spring rolls.

the women at work shredding crab meat

this is not a good represenation, he just keep making rolls upon rolls of delishiousness.

afterwards everyone just sort of fell asleep, which left me and yoon to play this nut can drinking game which is pretty retarded when you only have two people to play it. you put some beer and whatever alchohol mix you want in there and shake it up and if the top bursts off and lands on your side you have to drink it. and if the top doesnt burst off you have to drink it. so it just meant that randomly me and yoon would have to drink. we played about 3 times and quit.

so cold at the beach. that white stuff on the sand is ice.

at the beach you can pick out fish and shellfish and whathave you and carry it over to the restaurants and they cook it up fresh. freshest sashimi i've ever had. freshest shellfish and clams and oysters too. they were alive on the grill.

this is what we ate. plus a bunch of shellfish.

two of yoon's cousins. they look like cartoons. that dog they have is like a little bronco. when we went to their house they have a parkay floor and it keep sliding around and jumping up and bucking just like a bronco. pretty funny.

they need these in china so bad. heat fans.

they also need this in china. it seems like chinese people don't like napkins because they are never around and no one ever asks for them. in korea there is a jug of water and napkins on every table in most restaurants and i am a thirsty and messy guy so this is clutch.

they gave us each one glove to eat with i guess for ripping apart shellfish. drying them outside makes sense since there are no dryers in korea. there is just something disturbing/intersteing about seeing so many white gloves laid out like this.


Jung Eun said...

it's ahn myun do
do means island.