Korea - Day 5

Did I mention that i've had a wicked fever and been sick this whole time?  i got the fever the night before i flew to korea.  It's pretty awesome being really weak and nauseous and having to ride the bumpy bus all the time.  I'm sure bob will enjoy my discomfort so here is a pic for you bob.  I hope you like that i was laying in bed sweating and dying for a few days and even now i still don't feel good.  soak it in Bob, you're gonna get yours in the summer when you cross that ocean.

Jajang myun.  this is Korean style Ja jang mein, chinese food.  not the same at all.  but super delishious.
a book vending machine right on the train platform while you wait for the train.
for a dollar fifty you can get "Oh Pu Rah"oprah or "Wuh ren buh pet" warren buffet
i thought its funny that the owners of the vending machines have to put their picture on there.
even more yonsei friends.  this time in tandem with Seung Eun my old roomie from astoria, yoon my old roomie from korean and new york, his girlfriend Ko Eun, hangk min also from the snowboarding club and a skater, his japanese girlfriend who spoke korean super good, and again duks, jung hyun, and jeung eun.  all of them had not seen each other since graduation 6 yrs ago at that point.  I guess it's cool how i kept in touch with them all and i can bring them all together again for one giant campfire hand holding session.
we hung out in sinchon, which is where yonsei university was, just for old times sake.  this was a bar we used to go to.  i don't remember the slushy beers though.
pyun tae Yoon
we were discussing the merits of this young woman's body.  if it was photoshopped or not because Korean women do not look like that.  well now they do because plastic surgery has become popular on all parts of the body besides the face now.  There was even a movie about a fat girl getting plastic surgery on her whole body and becoming this super hot singer.  that is Korea for you.
blurry but delishious anju with fruit and various fried things.
on to kareoke of course
this was my favorite drink in summer of 2001.
and the inevitable happened.  Yoon fell a sleep like always that jerk.  and then i thought hey its ok for me to sleep too.  I am still sick at this point so later on i actually puked, which rarely happens because of drinking and surely wouldn't have happened had i not been sick.  I had the taxi pull over and me and yoon timed it so we got a mid air pukey shot on camera, im not posting it here because it's gross.  those other guys went on to go drink and party more.  that is korea for you.  This photo is a testament to how old and lame we are now.  Laugh if you will.  Laugh.


Jung Eun said...

haha it was fun!
see you tonight!

Tipsy said...

you looks so sick and dying...
why you wearing tie by the way??
What songs you sang there with that post?