Chinese New Year day 3

you are supposed to put these on the front of your door. they are sayings that are supposed to be paired together. on the top can be an interchangable saying. one is supposed to go on the left and one on the right and im not sure if i got it in the right order. i also forgot what they say and can only read a few characters, especially since they are brush strokey characters. the one on the left says somthing about peaceful. I picked these simple ones because they look simple and not crazy and flashy and glittery and rainbow hologram like.

these are supposed to be hung in pairs too. they are supposed to be old chinese money

these paper cuts are amazing. i mean the real ones, these are cheap ones made in a factory but still look cool. supposed to be hung in the windows.

these are supposed to be hung above your door in odd numbers meaning you should hang only 1 or 3 or 5 in your door, not 2 or 4 of them.

my roomate nana and her bf zizzo. in asia people wear these face masks all the time.

sent to the Ditan park temple fair again. it was crowded again which made it a lot less fun

there were some hot girls though

the slaughter pavillion

this is the fair in a nutshell. tons of these pinwheel things, and people eating meat on sticks and the sticks being on the ground.

tons of people bought these japanese koi noburi too.

games aplenty with prizes

there were even a couple chinese punks there. this was the only shot i could get in time because i had huge gloves on and getting my camera out of my pocket in a hurry is a challenge.

they had one of these things that you try to throw a coin through the hole for good luck just like at the white cloud temple.

This guy is so cool. what is he thinking.

I want to poke her eyes out so bad (these novelty glasses have no lenses)

Angel was saying that more educated people will write their own sayings or poems or whatever instead of buying them from the store. I should have done that in some nice gold paint. anyway this was a nice suprise to find in the front of my building, these look hand painted. and so much better than the crazy gaudy flashy cheap ones you by at a store.