Best of 2008 - Part 2

part 2 of the Best of 2008 including the olympics, Japan, and the diplomatic compound.

Hey I'm a guy and part of the Best of the Summer was the heels and booty shorts fashion in Japan and China!


This might be my favorite photo of all of 2008. I was exhausted, it was balls hot in Kyoto. I was about to call it a day and go home. I turned the corner and saw maybe the coolest thing I have seen in Asia. these "protector" guys. It was cooler in the shade, mossy, calm peaceful. I am glad i have this picture to remember this moment in Japan.

the beer in china has no carbonation and no head. the beer in japan is absolutely perfect.

Jonny Ribiero in Osaka up to his old ways. He moved to London and is getting married. it was good to see my old time Albany buddy.

The Shinkansen bullet train. cliche but it was pretty cool to be on it and see mt. fuji.

I laughed so hard in tokyo when Akari explained wat Sun-K-Us was. its the japanese pronounciation of "thanks" just keep saying it faster until it sounds like thanks with a japanese accent.

yokohama fireworks festival. tons of japanese women in kimonos, lots of beer, lots of me so drunky, lots of fun, fireworks too, and friends.

my gatchapin costume bought for $40. best thing i bought in japan.

meeting akari's friends from highschool was cool.

and then having them arrest me because 2 of them are cops.

i still haven not worn these, the best fitting shoe i have ever had because they are custome made for $100.

the temple of heaven, the best place to go if you want to run the gauntlet of Chinese old weirdos.

some video presentation at the Beijing 2008 contemporary art fair. this is here because on the video is the first time i've seen a pig being killed, i can't even say slaughtered because i dont know if that is how they really do it but i saw this huge pig that 6 guys were barely holding down get a knife stuck in its throat, blood spurting out like a fountain, squealing, squirming while the guys hold it down to die. burned into my brain forever, not the best of 2008 but super memorable. and yes i still love bacon and the lot.



handball and the german baby man goalie.

in the birds nest, USA men and women came up big in their relays

beach volley ball is an olympic sport. cheerleaders.

My dear auntie who sparked the idea of coming to live in china.

the most ghetto place i've been in china thus far was down the road from our nice expensive expat gated community.

new digs at the diplomatic compound. my auntie moved back to DC. I have the whole sprawling place to myself for a month and a half.

at the 798 Art district. I find the book that ripped off my illustrations and has 4 pages of them in it.

the xiaolongbao place near the diplomatic compound, ate these many times. delish.

sue sue in my gatchapin costume.

eating weird stuff. this here is a frog rib cage. other weird stuff i can think of has been donkey meat, a black chicken, pigs blood, 10 year old aged pig fat, chicken feet, duck beak, and probably lots of stuff i was unaware of.

7-ll near the diplomatic compound held me down for a month and a half. this is a typical haul.
my poor bike that got stolen. it had a really good lock so it probably was put into a van.