One Last Trip Home - Late Post

this is from about 5 yrs ago, me and bob in our mobster gear perched atop this tank near the veterans something or other in our town that is so small it has the official categorization of "village" that summer we went around doing lots of photoshoots in cornfields and other country places much to bobs dismay.

now back to 2008 this is my last trip home before coming to china.

our steve zizzou point

we played lots of rock band. bob is the robotic guitar technitian, always poker faced, the crowd never knows what they're gonna get out of him, it could be a hot lick or 56 bars of enter sandman intro. me, i'm the crazy animal from muppets like drummer who messes it up.

one family portait before i go

this is the theatre in the next town over from my town. remember that blockbuster mega million dollar movie "Iron Man" that came out this summer? well this is at a showing of that. we were 2 of 5 people in the whole theatre.