Last Days in NYC

I don't know how this slipped by, probably in the mad rush to get to china. these are some pics from my last days in NYC

one last breakfast at the pink tea cup. they have the best bacon. its like quadruple thick

one last dinner in K-town

one last bob in his crazy costumes.... wait a minute bob doesn't do that. what a treat.

there were a couple nights of karaoke so these are all mixed in.

i can't believe his clothes didn't come off this time.

even brian morales was there and micheala Zahner

So Yun from my chinese class came for 2 seconds

kenka built on this party room in the back and we got it all to ourselves for my last night in nyc. can't think of a better place to spend it. this Japanese joint has held us down for 7 years with $1.50 beers and $1 edamame. we used to come here twice a week sometimes. I still miss it. Nowhere like that in Beijing

there i go! the bum is on his way out.


james said...

did you make a new doraimon? or was that shipped to you? because last i remember it was under thalers bed.