Wandering Around Beijing

It's become a routine to party on satuday and spend sunday wandering about beijing. For some reason things are clearer and i notice more on these post debauchery nights. i've come to love these sundays. My true grandma mode comes out, also the inner woman and i actually enjoy shopping/browsing/perusing for various grandma like things.

me and angel went to "Steak and Eggs" on the same street of western places by my house. it was pretty bad. i am again disappointed. i should just stick to chinese food. the "biscuit" was obviously store bought. the country fried steak was pretty weird. my eggs over easy were pretty raw, sent back to cook and came back broken and super cooked. their sign says "a true north american diner" there is a picture of a guy paul on the banner. i've seen him through the window a few time walking by. i asked where paul was from and they said canada. that explains the north american part and also the sidewalk chalkboard sign advertising an october 13th thanksgiving dinner deal. this is not a "true north american diner"

yummy! these cakes and pies look good but they probably taste like garbage and will disapoint

angel's peel job on the left, my american peel job on the right

a true north american gal. yummy

i was digging this girls style in 7-ll. i saw that she works at the starbucks across the street from my house the other day

i was also digging this girls style in a weirdo way though. she is like the asian human version of patty mayonnaise from that old nickelodeon cartoon show "Doug"

all of the sudden one day these started popping up everywhere. they are a barrel with a bike constructed around it for cooking these yams.

awesome. yes lets!

went to the art store

the smallest bar i've ever been to. it was probably 12x12

this is one of the karaoke spots we frequent