A Smaller Hutong Walk

this is the stuff that dreams are made of......really really bad traumatizing, vulgar, and crude dreams. Bai Jiu (white liquor) is 112 proof (56%) alchohol, well at least this popular brand is. im sure they make stronger stuff. this little 100ml bottle costs 3.5 rmb at the store (49 cents). 2 of these and you are good to go. it is infamous. this was the first time i tried it. i was expecting worse. 151 is definintely worse. i would say its a little worse than vodka. it is rice wine so it tastes like super strong sake. i'm sure we will meet again.

this place was so cheap. these congee bowls were 6rmb each (84cents) and that montou egg sandwich was like 56 cents and tastes awesome. open 24 hrs.

i don't usually do this but i had to get in a picture with this babe

this thing really creeps me out. how would you like this sitting on your night stand starring at you all night?

I finally got my koinobori. im sure they are of superior quality in japan but this is what im working with. now i just have to ge ta stick and tie it to the back of my bike. it will probably be stolen in less that 5 minutes

look at this mop. what mother theresa of visual pleasure created this? and knowing that it would be used to wipe up aids and hepetitis and yellow fever from the floors of some filthy restaurant? who ever it is gets the j-roc award this week. watever that is

i was delighted for these baby clothes. it made me wish that they made this patterened clothes in adult sizes or that it wasnt socially unacceptable to wear clothing this small.

awwwwwwww poor lil fella is all tuckred out! and zennnnn

BAM! J-ROC! you viewers at home had better hope this adorable little sob doesnt wake up at this moment or he will surely die from seeing what he could only surmise to be son of satan himself. well lucky for you he didnt. he was knocked out cold. still breathing but knocked out. probably drank too much baijiu last night

there are always people standing around watching people doing stuff. these guys aren't even working they're just passers by

i was kicking myself all day because i choked earlier that day and missed the biggest baddest 14 point antelope that there ever was in the world of taking photos of old chinese guys wearing courderoury mao jackets, cool guy hats, and vintage thick framed 70s glasses. but then wait! wat's that in the clearing up ahead? why its an old super blue and super tight big belly having, dumpin' trash on the street, flip flop wearing chinese man! and i wounded as he passed behind the car

then i went for the kill

went to an african bar with Lily cuz she had to interview the owner for the city weekend magazine. they were playing this awesome music, it was kenyan and from the 50s and 60s and i got the name but can't find it online anywhere

a new memeber of the family. this guy breaks the mold. he is obviously of a different making. but look at him. he looks awesome.

and so does this guy

i am such a grandma and or such a 3 yr old child. thats jason