Product Shots and What not

some products shots of things i have purchased and a few other pics.

there is a law in beijing which prohibits giving away plastic bags. you have to buy them if you want them, it's only a fraction of a cent but psychologically its working on some level. they now have these kind of bags they sell everywhere for like 25 to 50 cents. you are supposed to then remember to take them with you when you go shopping which i always forget so i have a pile of these now. so i guess the law is not really working on me because me stupy

this middle aged woman was pretty disgusto

i hated crocs way back before they got popular and i still hate them now. back in astoria my desk was by the window and everyday i would see this red headed weiner guy come out of his house wearing is bright orange crocs. i wanted to sheit on his big baby shoes. and now in china they even have limited edition crocs! i think these red and gold ones are like olympic crocs. they even had this huge crocs mini store across from the actual big store. there is actually a crocs store. me hates

a restaurant called hollywood. its a chain. it has cheap quasi japanese and american and chinese and who knows what else food.

i had to get these bad boys for bob, 3 pairs for $1.40. the kuma-san club socks are especially sweet. bob likes to wear weird socks if you are wondering. look out bob these are coming your way soon!

sweet spicy flavor and black pepper rib-eye flavor. msg all around.

2 different pizzza flavored snacks

i bought this book of childrens book illustrators for less than 10 dollars. it's chinese and i have my doubts again as to if it is legit.

i was walking along with angel and bam there was this random gallery. i liked what i saw outside and was blown away by what i saw inside. and angel verified that this guy was really good. so i bought his book and hope i can be inspired because i bought chinese ink and a brush at the art store.

here is the secret. I use Mars Steadler HB pencils. i like to experiment around with other HB's though so lets see how these chinese brands measure up.

this book im almost sure is not legit but it has lots of foreign illustrators i would have never been exposed to otherwise. it does suck being ripped off by fake chinese publishing companies like what happened to me earlier this year.

my friend QQ brought this huge tiger back from fujian. it is really heavy. that poor girl was carrying this around the whole time just so grandma jason could be happy. thanks qq! and if you think thats bad i got 2 more to add to my collection which i will post later on


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jason that artois spread looks sweet!!
what is that from??