Pics from Angel

Angel has many many pics that i need to get from here but here are some randoms for now. This blog post could also be called "how to be disgusting" or "how to visually alienate your friends and family".

i dont really wear sunglasses so that puts me up 5 points but im still in the hole -85 points on the a-hole index

this is jia jia, i hung out with her and her friend a couple nights ago. we drank beer by her house which happens to be by lake hou hai. We walked down to the lake and the two of them just sang chinese songs the whole time, outside and there i was sitting btwn these two. i asked people if that was a normal night and they said not really.

i have played pool a lot of times here out of necessity not out of want. I still get joy out of being able to jump the ball off the table whenever i want to. a-hole index score is now -105

i don't know when this happened.

this was when i was trying stinky tofu for the first and last time.

this was a mega large roll near my house on jiangguomenwai dajie. ok so if you haven't closed this window by now i congratulate you on your iron stomach, you've just seen a whole lot of jason and that takes guts.