The Peak

The peak is this hill or mountain or whatever in the central district. i took the tram up to the top and saw the amazing HK skyline.

the hostel i stayed in said it was being operated illegally

this picture does not show how super skinny this kid was and lanky and then how big his shoes were.

my grandfather used to have big train setups in his basement and i always thought it was so cool. so when i have a house i want to have some kind of train set up going around the ceiling or something. i also want my house to be one big super mario board.

they HSBC building. the birthplace of my bank.

tram up the peak.

when we were going up the peak at some points it looked like the car was at 40 degrees. it was crazy to see all these tall buildings straight up and down and then the tram at 40 degrees feeling like it could tip over backwards and fall down the mountain.

the party district back in Lan Kwai Fong

it was jennies bday and we went to this member's only club call Solas i think. My food poisoning quieted down a little and then later on it hit again and i felt all pukey so i had to go home early. what a downer. I was that lame new guy that everyone meets and then says hes not feeling well and goes home. i hate thoese guys, and this time it was me and i was serious. i will still keep hating those guys.


Anonymous said...

Jason is gay?