Modern Sky Festival

its a music festival that they started having every year. there are 3 stages, a rock stage, an electronica stage and a ? stage. i hate all of that music so i should not have gone. we got there late and a lot of stuff was ending except the electronica stage kept going till 2 or 3 i think.

super retarded drink system. someone takes your money. then they try to tell the poorers then chaos insues because there are tons of people crowding around to get drinks. and they cant give you the bottles so they have to poor the contents of these 600ml tsingdao big bottles into 2 cups, which you have to drink half of one while they're pooring the other because 600ml won't fit into two cups.

it was the end so they started selling these kabab sandwiches for 3 kuai each ! (42 cents)

crazy mother lover rockin' out at the rock stage.

ffestivals always attract weirdos galore and this was no exception.

there were even so real hardcore chinese people there like this guy.

for some reason there were a couple songs where dancers came out and thrashed around

this girl seemed cool. i liked her style and her attitude was like she was just barely tolerating all these weirdos and the spectical they were making.

i wonder what all these young gaurds from the countryside think of all these mainly western weirdos dancing around like drunken weasels and slutty clothes.

i see this ad campaign everywhere. why did they waste their money on buying rights to audrey hepburns image? I'm assuming they did because LG is a big company. whoever photoshopped her did a super horrible job, its feathered like a mother lover. whoever did the copy writing did a bang up job. looking at this thing is like taking two scorpions on a stick and jamming them into your eyes.

after we went to this new bar and there was a surplus of gay guys. so felt right at home and dived right in there like a sea otter cutting and mongoosing through seaweed.