Hong Kong - Mong Kok and Lan Kwai Fong

Hong kong is an amazing city for color inspiration. every subway station has an analogous color scheme (all colors closely related to each other) which is the kind of color scheme i use in my art work.

i took the star ferry to Kowloon.

colors everywhere

the "ladies market" maybe its called that cuz their are lanes and lanes of ladies at this stalls selling stuff. i got bow ties in pink and baby blue for me and bob and also 2 other knitted ties

here it is the hainan chicken or whatever it is that gave me food poisoning. it has to be that was the only thing i ate this day. i guess i probably should not have been licking that chicken in the alley earlier but that couldn't be it.

and it was from this chain restaurant, Cafe De Corral

this is kind of too cool to be just scratches on the truck

So I love the movie "in the mood for love" directed by wong kar wai. its beautiful and one of my inspirations. so i was tickled pink that Jennie took me with her friends to "the goldfinch" which is where they shot all the restaurant scenes in the movie. these scenes are when the nat king cole songs in spanish would play. at that time in 1994 the restaurant was red and green with art deco lights. they remodeled since then and it doesnt look the same. it was still cool though.

and their portions were humungous. i got pork chop something and they were huge. my food poisoning was kicking in at that point and i couldnt even finish one.

after went to jennies apt and met her roomates dogs. cute little mo fos

then went to lan kwai fong, the area where people go to party. there were mostly foreigners there. my food poisning was kicking in and i was only able to drink one beer at this rooftop place

lan kwai fong is in the central district of HK. it is hilly because it is built up and around the peak. the layout of the city and landscape in this area is absoluetly amazing. steep hill streets everywhere. high rises coming up out of ravines all around. lots of layering.

i didnt know tetley's made beer. and it was good