Bling Time

i hate buying things in china. you always have to bargain. all i needed was to buy a new mouse but there are no real computer stores like best buy or circuit city or something. they are all markets where you have to bargain and walk around and test the waters to make sure you're not getting ripped off. i wasted an hour trying to get a mouse playing the bargaining game.

there was a swarm of cats climing these trees trying to get to these birds

this korean food wasnt that bad. still havent found anything like korea though.

i looked at this room in this apt. in dongzhimen but doesnt fit into my plans so my friend ended up taking it

this lamb soup was pretty delish. it had these cube-ular things that were like noodles only cubes

this place is basically hell for jason. it is called "the bookworm". now its not because it is a book type establishment and the last book i read was 14 years ago in 7th grade when we had to read the old man in the sea. its because it is filled with pretentious foreigners most of whom have nothing better to do while their spouses are at work. not my cup of tea. i had to wait for my friend there and was cringing at the convos flying around in there.

Angel's friend anne knows the owner of like every club in beijing. this is bling, a new hip hop club. this dj booth is a rolls royce phantom or something like that i think.

we drank this jonny.

at karaoke after you have drinks in you these chicken nuggets taste like each one blessed by buddah and put in a basket for your enjoyment

the morning delivery at the dimsum place

if there was ever a spokesperson for not drinking too much here he is. lookin' good jason, lookin' good. its worse in person believe me. others can vouch for me too. i wish my mom was here to slap me.

and then make me some tomato soup.