This and That

rock taco flavored doritos because rock tacos are delish. so it turns out they are supposed to be be rock taco flavored as in rock and roll. should have named them rockin' taco or rock and roll taco or something. it's amazing the money that goes into things here without running it by an english speaker first.

this looks a lot like a stoli bottle

i was tickled pink to find this new addition to my bu lao hu family.

i also got this peking opera bottle opener.

i've been eating a lot of 7-11 food lately because its around the corner from my apt. I love that place. this is what a normal haul looks like. rice triangle seaweed things, water, and soybean/mungbean drinky drink.

i made this mooncake at my chinese class party mooncake party but you have to bake it in the oven and i didnt feel like doing that so i left it for some lucky guy on his bike seat.

there is this awesome cheap dumpling place on the opposite corner from my apt. they make these mini baozi things and it's 5 rmb for a tray of 10 of them (70 cents).

the bowls at the california noodle house feature "mr. lee" starring back at you for your whole meal.

had a drink at this new club which sucks.

these tiles are in the bathroom of my apartment. are they some kind of biblical story? anyone know?

view from my balcony

donut shop on the way to my chinese school

doing laundry is an experiment since i can't read this

took my 2 days to dry my clothes too because i didn't knwo what was going on.

chinese class mooncake making party

they sang songs, which is normal thing i guess.

and were handing out smoked spicy chicken necks like candy. in fact they were in the same bowls with all the candy. i tried one and when you open it up there is that same gelatinous ooze that cames ontop of a can of spam. yummy.

i was excited that theses asahi's were onlyl 15 rmb but it was too good to be true. they are brewed in china which is why they are so cheap which is why there is almost no carbonation and no glorious foam.