Hang over day

I forget what day this was but all i know is that i had a hangover all day.

i was done so i just carried a jug of water around all day.

we went to solana, a new shopping center. it looks like some huge california shopping center only this one has no people in it and no shoppers. it is a huge waste. i dont know how this place will stay open that long. like every other mall and international brand shopping area there is no one there and no one buying anything

this was even on a national holiday day off!

cold stone creamery

i didnt know that the friendship store had so much room until i wandered in there jug in hand in a hangover stoopor.

i must get one of these. this one was too big though and on a 2nd inspection it looks like the paint rubs off

these are awesome, they are a nice medium size and they would be sitting on my table now if the paint hadn't rubbed off! wat a shame. poor quality, but now i have a new obsession, finding a cool one of these things

this was absolute retardedness. like a lot of traffic control this made no sense. about 10 boats ended up jamming into this narrow canal because the guy in the red boat who i am assuming was a boat patrol or traffic control guy just kept ramming into boats, i dont know if he was trying to block the canal or wat but the people in the other boats saw that obviously they were going to run into other boats and t-bone them but the just kept going ahead. no words were exchanged, no one got mad. it was a retarded thing to watch

angels friends cd store

these dumplings had 2 layers of goodness!

view from this rooftop restaurant in houhai

were projecting a moonfestival tv special

this reminds me of the alley leading down to the noodle shop in the movie "in the mood for love"