Am i the korean Cary Grant or what?

I have never seen a better example of a Korean Cary Grant before, have you? just kidding i want to puke on me also. so ladies, fellas, creatures of the deep, these are the photos you have been waiting for. the suit pics. i finally got around to photographing me in these bad boys. i got 3 made. bob got 2. lord help bob, i had to get my fitted about 7 times and he didn't have time to get his fitted before he left to return to NY. I had to mail them to him. i'm sure bob's are not going to fit properly (in our research they say it actually does take up to that many trips to the tailor to get it just right). bob is not going to know if it fits properly, he is used to wearing potato sacks and bread bags on his feet. i dont know what fits right either. so have mercy on me and bob. we were just trying to look like presentable swamp things instead of our usual swampthingness. the white suits are for us to wear together and be jerks in and galavant around town like the little fairies we are. i don't know when we will be together again, it might not be until japan but i can't wait to see bob in his white suit because i love mine.

i wore this guy to this huge art opening and people actually looked at me normally instead of the glaring/disgust/contemptous look i usually get for wearing hobo clothes.

i was too lazy to take a better photo of me not shirking my shoulders and looking weird overall. but thats what i look like anyway right? an awkward slow talking pinochio that sounds like he is always stoned, that just became a real boy and doesnt know how to walk in any other way but like a gorilla and doesnt know how to not swing his extra long arms around. right. so this is the reality of it.

its actually a dark brown suit but my camera sucks so it looks black.

the silk lining. i decided to go for a crazy lining. i never have to wear a suit anyway. i still need to get some pocket squares for me and bob and some ties, which unfortunately, japan has the coolest ties and pocket squares. i also need to get white fedoras made for me and bob to accompany our white suits. the shoes we got made look pretty spectac though.