2008 Beijing Contemporary Art Fair

my friend hiroko used to be an art dealer in tokyo and so she knows some people that were gonna be at this "2008 Beijing Contemporary Art Fair". this was a VIP preview so it was pretty cool. here is the red carpet

this video had people slaughtering a pig. it was pretty gruesome. whatever emotions and reactions the maker wanted to get out of people he suceeded. it was pretty brutal watching 8 guys holding down a huge pig and then stabbing it in the throat with a knife and blood squirting out all over them and watching it die. by the time i got my camera out it changed scenes.

this photographer Chen Man is pretty awesome. she is in her early 20's and her stuff is everywhere in china, very successful. i was sad to see only 3 photos at her booth.

this is hiroko talking with japanese art world people

i like this piece.

after this i would stumble into a "lady bar" details in the next post!