Random adventures

This one is for Wayne Chin at FIT . I just discovered this table at the sports center building in my housing complex. too bad i have never seen anyone playing on it. as a matter of fact i haven't seen anyone playing ping pong in china at all. What the heck! i expected to see people playing pong left and right. on top of cars, waiting for the subway, everywhere! i haven't seen anything! i am very disappointed and desperately want to play.

in front of the today now museum. this guy is a super popular fine artist here and probably globally since the beijing scene is blowing up. i think he is usually a painter.

My friend who speaks English as well as i speak chinese kept telling me we have to go to galleries and stuff so i was always like yea we do lets go! she finally called me sunday to come to this musuem, the "Today Now" museum. I find out after i get there that it turns out she used to work there and also turns out it was some opening olympic fashion event and i saw a lot of lane crawfords name all over the place. It was interesting walking into this gala that i was not expecting at all. There were tons of gorgeous fashionista women. it was an intersting experience. i drank a ton of champagne and was just soaking everything up. There was a lot of the usual bullsh!tting, name dropping, strutting of stuff, double kisses on the cheek, and overall fakeness that you could expect at any fashion event. Only most of it was in Chinese this time.

this cafe in sanlitun.

these are all shot in ritan park which is like a minute from where me and my aunt are moving in september! i can't wait, ritan park is awesome. it was a rainy cloudy day which is what beijing looks like everyday anyway. i had a great pot of tea at the stoneboat cafe on the water and studied chinese. one of the best rainy days i have ever had.

i guess you can fish for these goldfish. seems like super fun if you're a kid. even i want to do it. i saw a sign saying that you can only use the poles they rent out.

this is also for Wayne Chin. There tables have square tubed nets! they have some weird rock mixture table top surface too. I hope there are people playing on these when i move to this area in sept.

rock climbing wall

"ri" is sun so ritan park is the sun god park or something like that. there is also a Yuetan, "moon" park somewhere in beijing.

they have the little electronic gates everywhere. they are open enough for people to get buy but senses when a car pulls up to it and automatically slides across.

my friend told me that when you eat spicy food you have to drink this drink. this brand. if you're feeling hot inside or something like this you have to drink this brand. so he said that this company really has a corner on the market and it seems like they do because i see tons of people drinking it. it tastes like super sweet tea.

they recently put up all these cool cloud shaped lights on the highway that goes to my house. they have been adding tons of new stuff everywhere for the olympics which is now less than a month away

this was random. it is practically crying for someone to make some street art or some kind of art on it. I want to so bad but i can't afford to end up in jail, but if anyone else in beijing sees this please do!

one of the electronics bazaars, i dont know if thats a correct term for this place with stalls that sell electronics or not but oh well i used it anyway. I was trying to buy another power cord/brick for my epson scanner because i blew it up when i plugged it into the 220 volt wall socket at home. then had not, they also had weird models of epson stuff that i've never heard of. maybe i will just buy a new scanner. I also blew up my alarm clock too. i'm smarter now, but no tthat much smarter

i started chinese class and it is in the buiness district so there is no chinese food to be found around there. I was in a rush and had to eat so my only fast option before class was to eat at Subway in the mall across the street! I don't even eat subway in NY because it sucks and is like air. Let it be noted that it is also bad in china. it also came with the smallest bag of chips i have ever seen in my life, and they were zirin steak flavor.

so the girl that showed me and bob around the summer palace all day on that balls hot day invited me over to her grandma's house for dinner. It turns out that she was saying she had an older sister but she meant older cousin. This was such a heart warming experience. they were all so super nice and told me to come back all the time. they made more dumplings that anyone could ever eat. they gave me 2 ears of corn to take home. they are too nice to me

like the jerk i am, i am red after 1 beer and ruined a bunch of photos, sorry nice chinese family that a red faced gorilla somehow made it into your house and ate a lot of your dumplings.

my first "hot pot" in china. you cook random stuff in this boiling pot like meat, potatoes, seaweed, mystery animal byproducts, tofu, veggies, etc...

this is qq, one of the other girls i met on flickr before i came to china. she is a good artist and graphic designer.