Last Day in Tokyo

doesn't really count cuz i had to wake up early and spent the whole day going back to beijing. first i had to take the shinkansen bullet train back to osaka, then another train to the airport, then a plane to taiping china or something like that then a plane to beijing.

don't be sad Gatchapin. you will have a new home in Beijing soon.

sake vending machine

this is the shower/bath area of the hotel. cheap hotels in china all have shared baths (there was just a toilet in the hotel room).

on the shinkansen. I fell asleep and missed Mt. Fuji the first time i rode the shinkansen so i had to stay awake to see it this time. I waited by the window around the time i calculated for 20 minutes and was like what's going on and went to the other window and there he was ! Fuji-san. I saw him for about 20 seconds before we went into a mountain tunnel and he was never to be seen again. It was MAGICAL. they say in the lonely planet book that Fuji-san is very elusive and it is hard to see it except for a few times a year because of haze and clouds and atmospheric crap. I feel like this is something that they could have based "big bird goes to japan" on

waiting for the train to the airport back in osaka. didnt ride this one though.

a cute train supervisors type girl.

The japanese and their quality really get me. they even print the picture of the guy who made the sandwich on the label!

watching the sumo opening ceremonies at the airport

the even had an automatic foamy/liquid soap dispenser

and a thank you sign from the bathroom cleaning team!

sorry but i am just transformed into a 5 year old when i see clouds like this

i like how you can see the curve of the earth

here we go, some good chinglish grammar for you. this ones even better its a "hygiene wet turban needless wash". WELCOME TO THIS FLIGHT!

the worst

when we were taxiing in taiping we went by a bunch of fighter jets. kind of scary that they are at a "civilian" airport. there were tons of guys covering them up with tarps.
on this flight back to bejing they treated us to a box with 2 bread rolls in it! and 2 heigene wet turban needless washes! WELCOME BACK TO CHINA JASON, no more quality for you, but that's ok because i'm broke now.