GATCHAPIN!!!!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

the other night i asked vivi's friends what I could be for holloween this year since i have to be a japanse cartoon character every year. they suggested gatchapin, some guy i've never heard of. so we were walking around this store and then bam I see this gatchapin costume. and it was only $40!!!!! of course i had to buy it!

this is more what he looks like. but on the real live aaction show he is as big as barney and he waterskiis, breakdances, skiis, scuba dives, and does all kinds of crazy stuff.

i said where can i wear this thing? of course shibuya!

here i am with ayako from FIT and friends

two of akari's friends from highschool in Sapporo. the girl in pink doesn't even look japanese because some girls are good at using makeup to make themselves look white. she looks like she is from long island or something.

more of akari's friends from highschool

this thing is eliminating jobs. its a wireless food ordering thing that is in a bunch of restaurants with touch screen

look at my stupid face. "hum.........?........wat's that you say"? "hummmmm?"

Yukari from Pratt that lived up the block from me when i was on 52nd st. the other guy is from NYU but oops i forgot his name.

ayako and akari were really embarassed by me wearing this suit. but come on girls, its better than what i really look like. now thats embarrassing. Gatchapin is an upgrade and a blessing. I love you Gatchapin.

i am so SUPER bummed that my camera ran out of batteries or else i would have some super crazy shots of me in this suit. I know all of you are bummed too. I am going to have to get some crazy shots in this thing. Only i don't know how i will fare in china. if you never hear from me again its because i am in a dungeon jail because of this suit or something related.