Day 4 - Osaka

Apartment where john and masako live. masako grew up in this apartment . it's a goverment something or other so they only pay $250.

mailboxes at their apt. you can shove your hands into them and get mail, i even saw one lady that didnt even use a lock on hers.

awesome. blurry is not awesome though.

this guy needs to make a book and mail it to me because what he is doing here is exactly what i need as photo reference for all my illustrations.

this was the huge electronics and camera store in osaka. it was def crazy with models you've never seen before and never will!

i bought a bottle of water and it came with this sweat rag attatched to it. that's how hot it is here.

i'm definitley loving the long socks or stockings thing here.

a mod mcdonalds in america mura

doggie store for the dog lovers

for you harry potter dorks. look at the horrible cover art on these books! but since you guys are dorks you probably already knew that they have some other artists doing the non american harry potter books. they had a sign saying the US version isn't published yet.

look at these f'ing cute little mother lovers.

more sock action and young folks kickin' it

a croquette with a hardboiled egg inside! sign me up for the fan club!

this place we went to had awesome decor. they did a photoshoot with 3 grandmas going nuts all about town!

billiken is this dude with his toes out. i guess he is an osaka thing. they say if you rub his feet you will become happy. i went around the airport before i left japan asking them where billiken is because thats one of the only phrases i can say in japanese is to ask where something is and they all said you can't buy him here. too bad i wanted a little billiken on my desk.

here is a 2 man team of madam grandmas in the redlight district