Day 3 - Osaka

it was a day full of John, Masako, and Jason around osaka

these rolls had butter already inside them and when you microwave them it gets all melty and delish.

this a rare tanuki find. i forgot to buy a tanuki statue. i also got a hanshin tigers sweatband and lost it on the train when i fell asleep and had to get off real quick.

johnny and masako are moving to london in a week and i think this neighbor was talking to them about some of their stuff because if you throw something like a tv or dresser away you have to pay the city like $40 or something and its more if its bigger.

i dont think these girls were japanese, they looked weird. weird is relative but this is my blog!

these girls and their umbrellas. a lot of them wear these armlet things too.

here is an attractive young lady, looks like i caught her in chicken arm mode. also that hamberg poster behind her is from some chain restaurant and i wanted to eat it so bad but never got the chance. Now on to more hot women below

i know some people would prefer the previous gal, but this is my kind of woman here! it looked like she was sleeping on the glass.

i told this guy to cheer up but he didn't hear me because he was 20 feet away.

this is one of the big areas of osaka.

everyone always takes pics infront of this glico man guy

japanese style example number 5000

a lazy eyed dragon

these are posters for host bars. bars where girls come and pay tons of money on drinks and stuff to hang out with these guys. i saw a documentary "tales of an osaka love thief" that was about host bars in osaka and it was sups good. i gave it a 9 on imdb. anyway these guys make mad money. some make $50,000 a night. i think champange bottles were like $10,000 - $50,000 or something crazy like that

soemon cho is the redlight district. there were lots of filipinas at night hanging around on the corners and also old grandma and mom types that try to get you to try the services of their younger employees. also tons of guys clapping at you and stuff trying to get you to come look at books filled with pictures of their girls.

found this at the art store.

elevator attendant, she actually doesnt do anything. her job is to just look cute which she is doing a pretty good job at

i finally went to a paper store to get some amazing patterned paper. ill post that up some other time

this girl was playing really cheesy music. too bad, it probably is so painful for her to sit there all day and play music she and everyone else knows is super cheese.

then this girl that works there came out and said we can't take pictures of the girl playing cheese. John is so lucky because if you are caucasion you can just do watever you want like make fun of the girl that is telling us not to take pictures.


you know i felt like if there was anywhere in the world where i could finally find a hat big enough to fit my head it would be in Japan. AND BOY WAS I RIGHT! HOORAY!

maybe you wonder why i take some many pics of people or funny looking people. i'm an illustrator and thats what i like to draw. i will start working on a little project of my own of all these funny looking people i've taken photos of.

i thought this yakki nikku restaurants mascot moon guy was so cool.

the draft beer in this country is amazing. it actually tastes like golden crisp beer and not donkey p!ss. there is always thick creamy foam too. my hats off to japan once again.

dragon scale looking cooking gas valve built into the table

sometimes i talk to kids and they usually dont talk back to me. i wouldn't either if i was them, i probably look like a mongolian ogre to them.

if you're a beer lover how awesome is this?
that last can is like 2 sips!

we went to the boat races real quick cuz its by johnny's house. these guys are all betting.

there were like 4 different kinds of horse racing games in this arcade at least.

i f'ing love mario kart so i was tickled pink to find "super mario kart 2".

then onto karaoke. i have to say that they really know what they're doing in Japan. it is the birthplace of it and they do it the best. they're song selection far surpassed anything i've ever seen. they even had one D'angelo song!

they even have a little lcd screen on the actually machine too and actually sanitize the mics!

its hard to read but it says the name of this hand dryer is "typhoon" this thing was like a typhoon, it was like a jet engine

a squatter toilet but made even better by the japanese. So how i have been lucky enough to not have to use a squatter for the last 6 weeks in china but it was inevitable that my luck would run out eventually so i had to use this one.