Summer Palace and the Temple of Timely Rains and Extensive Moisture

It is hot in China. I am willing to say hotter than New York City in the summer. and they say this isn't even hot yet. Just great. It's also super humid. This means the forcast everyday is "balls" hot. This day was the worst pollution we have seen. Beijing is infamous for its bad pollution. The summer palace would have been even more magnificant if there wasnt a super thick haze all over everything which in turn made it more humid and more balls hot!

I love this look. I like how lots of people couple these little bootie socks with those chinese cloth shoes so it looks like they dressed up fat little breakfast sausages and shoved them onto a shoe. Works equally as well for guys and gals. friends in NY take note of this trend and you too could be on top of the game this summer.

no photoshop involved. the pollution really is this bad. the sun was definitely out, it just couldn't cut through the toxic smog so it was this weird twilight time the whole day, and pretty much everyday. you can never get any super photos because its always grey and over cast, and especially not with our little canon sd1000's that suck so badly!

this is great. the railings at the summer palace definitely need the same amount of protection and proper care as the ancient relics. Cherish the railings.

all sleeping. chinese people love to sleep everywhere, or they could just be passing out from the pollution and heat.

you can see guys all over the place writing with these bush sponge brush things on a stick with water on the sidewalks.
practicing their form

this is Fei. She is an interior design student and came with her friend to meet us and bobs math friend's friend. she then volunteered to take us around the summer palace all day. it was so hot, so humid, and we suck so bad. we could barely communicate. that poor girl. She would have hung out with us all day had bob not been at the height of his fever. after this day he would then have to take a 2 day break from doing anything. Why are chinese people so nice to us? we are horrid bog monsters.

i am all about bronze statues now. i wish i could rip this little bugger off and shove him in my pants. No not for that you sick little monkeys! to take home with me to add to my collection!

this was called chang long. coincedentially it was a super super long corridor. i bet it was sweet walking down this thing smoking opium next to the water with your concubines in tow on a cool summer night.

of course there were millions of stairs. i only enjoyed it because bob was dying .

you kind of get
desensitized towards all the cool tiled roofs and colorful architecture after a while but the summer palace had some pretty cool different setups that got me again.

another deer! i must have it!

just wondering around with us. sweating all day. why Fei why? save yourself!

this one is classic. all day long me and bob were making jokes like "the real hall of extensive moisture is in my pants", because we had swamp arse all day and basically swamp body. gross.

chinese people love cucumbers, or really big pickles, i dont know what they are yet. They walk around just munching on them like candy bars. this girl had a broken arm and was enjoying a fresh one
. maybe thats why chinese people are not obese .

see how theres a kind of apocalyptic fog and tone to all these pictures?

this used all of bobs reserve energy. i made him do it

these birds are everywhere here and they make cool noises. this one is for all my bird watching friends. just kidding, i don' t have any friends.

me and bob were admiring this attractive young lady's posture. it was on point.

this is a visual metaphor for what our bodies felt like after this day

bob really took it hard. you can't see it here but there are actually tons of little chinese virus badies jumping up and down on bobs immune system, just chopping away at it. don't bother clicking to enlarge this photo because you won't be able to see them. they are microscopic and all that.

when i came to china i expected to see tons of crazy stray dogs that were ready to bite my face off and give me some disease in return. All i got was this cute little mother lover gnawing on a bone. Oh yea we did see a cat one night that looked crazy and it stopped us dead in our tracks and we crossed the street.