Shanghai Part 2

so we finally went to a hotel at about 4 in th afternoon. they were out of double rooms so we got 2 singles. they cost $32 US dollars! they were clean and pretty good.

there was this mini elevator in the fire escape stairwell.

JinJiang Inn is a chain of hotels in china.

you had to put your room key in the slot in order to get electricity. genius.

there were a lot of channels of this late at night

they have crazy flavors of chips here. Lays is a big company here but obviously they make them here and have a different maketing strategy. Here we see Ziran steak flavor and Fragrant red chili flavor
. i have yet to try those

here is cucumber flavor. kind of gross but msg is the food worlds equalizer. the lay's chips themselves are different here. super thin.

i don't know what flavor these are, probably some kind of meat flavor. they were bad.

outside this one club there were 4 or 5 parents each with their children who would tug at you to give them money. not very nice.

we went to a bunch of clubs with my friend Eugene who i went to school with in Korea at Yonsei when I was there in 2001. He doesn't speak chinese, he's korean so we were all retards.

this girl in pink had some moves. she seemed like a pretty hot little package.

we went to this bar/club place first that had a live "latin music" band. there were a lot of older chinese women, maybe in their 30s and older foreign guys and gross older chinese toads. it was funny to see them dance to the so called latin music.

looks like all this little mcdonalds shack sells is icecream and drinks.

at bobs request we had some whoppers from burger king. i was happy to oblige since i havent had burger kind in 7 years since before i went to NYC. Bob wanted it because in a week he would go back to his vegetarian ways and never be able to taste sweet animal flesh again.

me and bob were a little liquored up and went on a quest for a 24 hr mcdonalds. we found one and bob had a big mac!

there are tons of these little establishments. some kind of gambling or card playing or mah jong or something is going on in these things.

bobs goal and dream was to see the shanghai skyline lit up like in all those cool pictures. we found out they turn off the lights at 10 pm and at that point it was already after 10 so bob missed it. as fate would have it he would get his chance the next night because we f'ed up our train tickets and had to stay an extra night!

and here it is. we had to run here so bob could have his moment of zen the second night.

this place had a bunch of message parlors with girls sitting on couches.

this taxi had curtains in it like it was a presidential motorcade or something. doesn't bob look so stately and elegant here against the previously mentioned curtains?

after we walked by this we sat down across the street and saw them just start to throw stuff everywhere on the street. people were running away as they should have because they were just tossing stuff left and right.

this guys shop was in front of that lot that was ripped out. they ripped out the back of his shop too. it's gotta suck knowing your days are numbered, that the gov't will come in and just bulldoze your business whenever they want to.

a VW santana 3000

an antanas 3000

i've seen a bunch of these boatbus pickup truck things in china.

i love the colors they use on a lot of the buildings here.

look at that pollution!

this restaurant was on the water so this napkin holder invention was awesome and neccessary to tame the winds.


Jung Eun said...

looks like you are having so much fun!
I like the napkin holder. I liked other things but as I scroll down I forgot.

cpgator said...

Hi Jason!

We miss you here at FIT.

You sure cram alot in a day.

Do you ever sleep?