Shanghai bonus - Yu Gardens

Yu gardens was built for the governor of the Sichuan provence in the 16th century. as a result of me and bob being stupid and f'ing up or tickets we were able to see some extra stuff in shanghai. this was def cool.

this perfect marble ball was somehow carved out of these two statues and was rolling around in their mouth.

there were a bunch of cats running around this place. i hate cats but asian people love them, probably they are regarded more highly in asian culture. In Jason culture they would all be skinned. this japanese family was having a gay old time with this cat and then a group of korean girls came along and were going apesh!t over this little disgusting disease filled bag.

apparently these are carp, not goldfish.

i thought these dragon things on the tops of some of the walls were just epic.

so yu gardens is indeed beautiful and was worth it. that's my final review.