6th Day out - the Great Wall

As always click on the panoramas for a bigger mind bending view!

This is the obligitory trip to the great wall. It was awesome. It was even more awesome because I got to laugh at the misfortune of bob all day long. about 10 minutes into the hike bob was destroyed. Red faced and weak bob meandered along for the next 2.5 hours with the frequent sound of laughter, my laughter, echoing off the walls to remind him just how sad he looked. I guess he had heat exhaustion or something. We would all be way ahead and then whats that little green dot back there? why it's poor bob. I wish i had my camera ready when i turned around to see bob reach the top of the final set of stairs, crawling on all fours.

a bug we found in our toilet. I hope there is a family of chinese insects planted in my body now.

people stack amazing things on all their modes of transportation. I don't even know what this stuff is.

we had to ride this up to the our starting point

I am very weary of Chinese construction, especially when it's something like this cable car. I dont know if there is any kind of inspections or safety regulations that need to be met so it made this and the zip line a little scary. my aunt was saying theres's pretty much no liability in China

the cable car was litterally a sweat box

we went to the "Simatai" section of the wall, a part that is more broken down and "realer" then all the reconstructed parts. I enjoyed how this fact made it more difficult for bob to hike it.

10 minutes in and bob is winded and over heated.

a farmer out in the fields

45 min in bob is not looking so good. i laughed thoroughly.

look at the old indiana jones bridge, makes you feel good about crossing the new one.

see this woman on the left just hanging out? she is one of the many chinese people that were selling drinks along the way, usually hanging out in the shade at each tower. talk about a commute to work!

this picture is amazing. it really was that steep.

this was the thinnest part of the wall we came across.

this gap doesnt look so impressive on camera. in fact nothing does. i kept saying how everything looks mind blowing in real life and then on camera it looks like crap. you cannont know what it feels like, but it was amazing!

this indiana jones style suspension bridge.

bobs final almost final steps. if i had waited a little longer i would have gotten him crawling up the final set stairs on all fours.

baby jason got choco all over himself

we ziplines across this thing down the valley

bob coming in. you can't see the spot we started from at the top. it was really scary stepping off the edge of the platform, but once i got going it was amazing.

a little boat ride to the exit of that section of the wall.

this is one of the most amazing things i've seen here. a truckload of donkeys. all of us where hanging out the windows trying to capture this sight.

maybe there is a chinese thing where the more folds you have the more luck and riches you will get or something. or maybe bob is in trouble.

again with the amazing selection of beers at the other store near our house. bit burger in a can!

we ate peking duck at this place afterwards, not too impressed. we will try a good place soon.

bob was absolutely destroyed after this trip. Here he is in all his glory.


Anonymous said...

That was the closest I ever want to see a picture of Jason's crotch!