5th day out in Beijing

We went to my cousin's soccer game at his international school. There is no official team so it is a put together league. The coaches weren't even there. not very serious stuff. There was a weirdo german guy doing his stretches by our goal. We had dinner with our aunt's office manager and his wife. both amazing people. they are moving to paris for retirement in a month and me and my aunt are moving into their apartment in downtown beijing! hooray! later me and bob went to a bar, there were lots of foreigners and since we were going to the great wall the next morning decided to go home after a beer and not get crazy.

on the road to his school. we don't have bikes so we sweat our way there.

don't know what this is

the weirdo german.

the pollution was pretty bad this day. its like 2 in the afternoon here

in front of the China national gallery

this is the QQ, the chinese car that is $2,000. if it were to have a crash safety rating it would probably be -2 stars

a bucket of yummity num nums.

again with the amazing food

the lobby of the bar looked like this, very inviting.