3rd day out in Beijing

yesterday we took it a little easier. after going to the pool/hottub/etc... we went out into beijing and walked along some river (we are dumb and we don't know where we were exactly) the landscaping in china is outta control. i don't know who is responsible for it but there is a massive amount of nice landscaping going on everywhere. i wonder if it will all go to sheit after the olympics.

lots of people have these disgusting little gremlin faced dogs

t-shirt event, donated to earthquake relief organization.

we went to a t-shirt party type event thing because Angel also is doing a t-shirt line.

this is angel who is really angel, she has been helping us out so much.


Anonymous said...

What the hell is the big red stack of chop sticks stickin' out of the river... art or something functional?

The Fat Crow/Al Sharpton lookin birdie from FIT

Joe Momma said...

I dig the gremlin dogs. Don't you miss the gremlins at FIT?