Dodgeball Blowout

Karol hurt her toe pretty bad trying to kick david joseph. she was playing by Chilean rules.

i guess the camera didn't capture the last frame of this sequence because it was so swift and explosive coming from my golden arms. the kid lived.

picking teams

darkin getting slapped by a girl, an normal day for him.

at the start of my farewell tour a few weeks ago I organized our annual dodge ball game and bbq. about 10 minutes in appeared on little Mexican kid. I got him to join us then 5 minutes later there were 5 more Mexican kids, then 10 minutes later there were like 12 Mexican kids in the trenches with us. a good time was had by all and now i don't have to do anything good for the rest of the year because I've accumulated so many good Samaritan points that day by playing with those little Mexican kids and restraining myself and only whacking really hard only a couple times.


Anonymous said...

The animals dance a strange dance during spring on this planet, but despite the potential there is no intelligent life here.