Protecting my precious, my baby --- and my ideal woman

Another side by side comparison of the gear I am taking with me overseas, and the gear i took with me to Korea 7 years ago. On the left is my new DC/Incase collaboration designer backpack. It is pretty F'ing cool. This thing is loaded with features and is a little too cool for me. It has a well padded compartment for my new baby, a macbook pro aaaaaaaand a skateboard carrying attatchment as well. it also looks cooler. on the left is the backpack I have been using for the last 7 years. A good ol' Northface backpack. I've gotta say this thing has gone the down and dirty distance. only This year the zippers started crapping out. My macbook baby would definitely die if it were in the Northface bag getting tossed around in China. Once again such a huge product improvement for me from 7 yrs ago to now. It still sucks big time when you have a macbook pro on your back all day. Also i found this image randomly when i was looking for this bag. Now that's the kind of woman I like, one that isn't afraid flaunt what her mamma gave her.