Hooray! We are deemed not too Ugly for China!!!

Imagine how many uglies there are in a country with 1.? billion people. A whole f'ing lot! Luckily me and bob were deemed not too ugly (.....yet!) for entry into China and got our visas the other day. It's not like we were'nt trying though. on our passport photos Bob looks like a psycho angst ridden teenage Korean movie actor and I just look stupid. Bob did forget something in his last post. There is another way for us to F up going to China. We could be denied at one of the many security checkpoints for being tooooo unsightly and sent back to our own country to be gross.

My fears have been realized and I got a 3 month visa instead of a 12 month visa. this means i will have to leave China and come back 4 times over the year. I have buddies to visit in a bunch of countries so this is ok with me and doesn't make me want to makes a face like the one on bob's passport foto.


Anonymous said...

Love the passport pic Jason. Looks like you are sinking below the waves, especially with your hair up like that. Glub glub!