Ping Pong

I've been an occasional ping pong player (more serious player would beg of you to please call it Table Tennis) ever since i lived in korea 7 yrs ago. I have managed to work up a semi-decent basement style game and am anticipating the spanking i will get in China. My old roomate from SUNY Albany, Jeff came back from Shanghai after a 2 yr stint there and said that little dudes like the ones below will destroy me. I can't wait to become the little baby big man who is the laughing stock of all the kids in the neighborhood after each one of them humiliates me. After each one of them dispenses with me they will probably all gang up on me and pull down my super shorts and sweat bands that i think will make me play better. I don't care i'm still going to wear them! **UPDATE** much to my dismay people were not playing ping pong all over the place in the streets, parking lots, sewers, bathtubs, etc.... Very few people played and none of my friends played. I played ping pong probably 5 times in china, twice with yoon when he came to visit in Tianjin and Beijing, twice with Angel, and a few times with some random old guys at the park.

Its a little embarrassing to confess my love for ping pong since at least in america it is not the manliest or coolest of sports. I'm not going to impress any ladies by saying i'm an avid table tennis player (but hopefully in china my luck will change! but i doubt it after they see me getting thrashed by a 5 yr old that can't even see over the table) Now with that said let me go and embarass these guys too! These are my buddies that I play with here in NYC

Name: Yoon Nam
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 600lbs
Notes: Yoon was my roommate in Korea and then again this year in NYC for 3 months until he got a job in Korea and left! what a jerk. me and yoon were pretty neck and neck as far as skills went. He says he knows some people in Mongolia and we're tryin' to go there and ride wild horses. NOTE: I have no knowledge of Mongolia. sorry yoon i dont have a cool action shot of you diving through a wall or something, but you look pretty cool in this shot right? .....kind of just standing there like you always do, stupified, while a torrent of ping pong ball slams go whizzing by your head delivered from the unstoppable paddle of yours truly. hahahah

Name: Sonu Satchdev
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 93 lbs
Notes: I met sonu the first day i went to SUNY Albany. he was carry around 1 piece of paper in a plastic bag. it was funny and ironic because of the size of the guy and then that 1 piece of paper in the flimsy plastic grocery bag blowin' in the wind. Sonu is of the Sikh religion and thusly is not supposed to cut his hair ever in his life due to his religion. Now he is a jerk and cut his hair off and is as nimble as a gazelle on the ping pong floor. Sonu has the power backhand. I bet he can really spank one somethin' fierce

Name: Jeff Lauricella
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 130 lbs
Notes: Jeff was one of my roomates my sophomore year at SUNY Albany in the infamous suite 405 (i dont know if thats really the number it's been so long) Jeff has been in China too long so he has a lot of spinny moves and what not


Ping Pong Conversion said...

playing ping ping is fun, too bad in my country the popularity is decreasing.

Akari said...

i wish i was on the list of ping pong buddy list.