Location: Harlem, NYC

Loaches, thats what my old japanese roomate used to say. I don't hate loaches but she did. My other roomate debbie found this guy in the bathtub all sauced out of his mind and unable to get off his back. She then tossed the bum out on his arse a few days ago into the hallway. I found him still there 2 days later. I called her at work and asked her if maybe we should give the poor guy some water or something or at least some spare change and she said "NO! don't give that bum anything." I wonder how long he will stay there. I hope to find many more of these guys of the chinese variety in Beijing hanging out where i live. That will be awesome. I love Loaches.


Jung Eun said...

웩 I feel sick ㅋㅋ