Posted by BOB - Home For Visa Pictures

Last week during my spring break I found myself in my hometown of Canisteo, NY and a chance to see the world's biggest living sign. If the photo does not make you want to start planning your summer road trip around a stop by the majestic sign that makes the town into the tourist hot spot that it is (as seen in the following photo).

That is a shot of the busiest street in town and you can see why I needed to get away from the never ending bustle that is life in Canisteo. While I was home I did manage to get my photo's for my visa, which I just learned will cost me $137. The visa only cost $130, but I needed to spend $7 on two photos slightly larger than a postage stamp that some random photo tech at Walmart took with a crappy digital camera. It is now 30 days, 1 hour and 19 minutes until I start eating meat again to help me prepare for China and boy is meat delicious.